Friday, April 23, 2010

Breakdowns and Breakups

Lou is a good friend to me. She's honest and open, she cares about my well being, and she makes me want to be a better friend (not in a bad way).

Also, we can watch The Swan Princess as a sing-and-speak-along. That's pretty big.

Deep- expansive, fathomless, reaching, inviting, enigmatic.

Enigmatic purple sky stretches tantalizingly beyond my comprehension. It's like the night holds some great secret, whispers of it caught on the breeze or in the shimmering of the stars.

Drained. Robbed, really. Tell me, are you overreacting or has my heart turned to stone? I don't feel guilty.

Went way out on a limb, risked everything to reach for you, lift you up. Maybe your tears clouded your judgment, I don't know. Total refusal of my proffered hand seems irrational at best.

Gimme a break, it's 2:30 AM.


Recorded 4/16/10

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