Meet Miss Fix-It

My mother died on November 11, 2008.  The next year, while the stresses of college life and caring for a grieving family piled up, my nervous tendencies became full-blown disorders.  A school psychiatrist diagnosed me with General Anxiety Disorder, Severe Panic Disorder, and Dysthymia.  

I find that writing things down helps me to sort through my emotions. My little Miss Fix-It journal listens quietly to my pen as it rambles on and on through the patient white pages, and my mind empties, and sleep comes more readily. But in a journal thoughts are fixed, immovable. While it is tucked safely away in my bag, Miss Fix-It can't tell a soul of my heartache or solace. The purpose of this blog is to create a place where I can untie the floppy green ribbon, transpose my musings, and unleash some small part of myself into the void. 

Follow me as I explore my innermost thoughts, deepest fears, greatest longings, and attempt to navigate my way through college, family, nervous disorders, success, theater, friendship, religion, love, loss, failure, happiness --- my life.