Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Victory

Yesterday I had a very encouraging conversation with my therapist about how it isn't just me, UVU is a terrible school and a lot of people have a really hard time with the teachers and the administrative process. She told me to be kind to myself and enjoy the time that I have there, because even though my teachers drive me crazy, there is always something to learn and there is certainly always something to enjoy. So I went home and made myself a little victory cake because, hey, I have accomplished a lot these last 14 weeks and that deserves some kind of acknowledgement.

Things I am celebrating:

It's the end of the semester and I'm alive
I have written, start to finish, an entire short story (to make its blog debut soon!)
I actually kind of like the story that I wrote
I've been in a relationship for almost two months and I haven't screwed it up yet (I'll elaborate in another post)
I've created quite a few awesome posters and other documents
I've learned a lot about InDesign and its capabilities--I feel like I know what I'm doing
I stood up for myself
I adapted a short story into a children's book
I'm pretty good at editing
I operated a follow spot with virtually no training and only two rehearsals to get it down
I made a freakin' awesome Halloween costume for under $20
It's the end of the semester AND I'M ALIVE

And about 4,000 other things.


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