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I Wrote This When I Was 11


Chaptr. 1

One day, while we, January, February, March, April, May, June, & July were working in our family resturaunt, our dad took off to the back-room, when all of a sudden, a strange old woman walked in. The 3 boys, February, March, and July, were too busy to notice how strange any one was, because they were the cooks. April was flirting with the CUTEST guy, and the other 2 were taking orders. So I, June, was the only one to realize that something strange was going on. I walked over to the table and said;

“Welcome to the Month Family Resturaunt. I am June, and I will be your waitress. Are you ready to order?” I asked trying not to say anything about the stenche of caves and bats. I knew she was a witch. “Heckety Peg” they call her. They say she was pushed into a river a long time ago. I know how to read. I’m not stupid! But I was once a kid, you know. That was just a fairy tale. This is now. Funny thing is, we lost our mom 5 years before. She just dissapeared. Then, we found her in a cave. Yes, Hellen Peggy is our mother!

Chapter 2

Of course, I was the only one who knew anyone existed, except myself. No one knew that I taught mom how to swim before she dissapeared. I thought for a while, then I finally woke up and was going to yell, “Get out! You left us once, and you’ll do it again, if you get the chance!” But I just jotted down her order, then went and handed in my note pad and picked up the other one. I went to the next table who’s inhabitince left, and took care of the dishes. Then Han came out and I told her to wipe off the table. Then the bell rand, and I took Heckety Peg her order. Then I said, “Anything else?”

“Yes.” She pulled out a brown paper sack and a “magic” wand ad said “All your money!”

I ran to the cash register, and I was smart enough to hide some fake money, incase something like this happened.

I stuffed the bag, and handed it to her, and yelled

“Every one! Get out! GUN!” Although there was not gun. Just a “magic” wand.

Everybody ran! Except April, because she was in the middle of a kiss. She didn’t seem to notice that anything was going on, because the guy she was flirting with was holding her.

“What was that for?” asked ‘Mom’.

“You. You were going to turn them all into food, huh?” I exclaimed,

“No! I stopped that a long time ago. Now I turn people into objects! Like a table, or a C.D. player!”

Yeah. Right. Sure. Uh Huh. I really believed her. “Why are you here, anyway?”

“Why do you think I’m here? You game me the money. You should know!” she screamed. Now I remember why she left in the first place. We kicked her out. I was only 2, but I’m the oldest. Evry body else was 1, 8 months, or 6 months. Except April. She was barely born. She’s the youngest. She doesn’t remember ANYTHING that I do. She was always “Too Young”. My father’s words EXACTLY every time I try to do something fun. The only money I make is tips, so I wouldn’t of had enough money anyways.

Anyway, back to the story.

Just then, April came running in crying. Then the guy she was with came in.

“I couldn’t help it!” he pleaded. “She was CUTE!!!!!”

“Oh. So I’m not?” April managed to ball. “You said I was the ONLY one who was pretty enough for you!! It serves you right, for her to slap you! You should be ashamed of yourself, Edward Allen!”

“What’s this all about?” I butted in. “How dare you lay your hands on MY little sister! And to hurt her? You should be ashamed of yourself! Get out!!! NOW!” I screamed. He RAN!! I don’t know why I saved his butt. I should of let him get turned into something by the witch. I mean my UGLY mother. (Or ripped to pieces by April (That woman has NAILS!))

“I can’t believe it. People always said that a mother’s first child is more like her than the last. Now I know why. Like Mother like daughter.” Hellen Peggy said. “I always knew you were my little witch! Ever since your first word, “NO!” I will never forget that day.” she sighed. “You were my little angel. Unlike the triplets” (the boys) “you were always helping me with my ‘business’”.

I was going to scream if I heard any more of this. “It’s a lie! You’re lying, mother. I would never, EVER help anything like you. You filthy dirty...” I cut off. I hadn’t realized how loud my voice had been. If Father caught me... Oh well, I thought. I would already be in trouble for what I already said. Oh well, I thought again. It didn’t matter. I didn’t care. I was saving the whole village from being turned into ‘stuff’. “Why did you come back? Why? Why now? Why not when we could have used a mother? All these years dad has had to play “mr. mom”!! He’s had to have 2 jobs at a time to take care of us untill we were old enough to work for ourselves! We needed you, but you never came back! Why did you come back now, when we don’t need you anymore? Why not when you could have taught us to do things your way? But no. You had to wait, and now it’s too late. Someone would have called the police by now, and you will be charged for armed robbery!! I’ll make sure of that!!” Wow! I thought to myself after my speech. That felt good. To get that off my chest, and to just let it all flow out like that felt really unique. I had never felt anything quite like it. It was like dropping a back-pack full of tons and tons of bricks that you have been carrying for years and years. I loved it. I really, really loved it. I wated to to it all over again, but I guess I had nothing else to say, because I kept my mouth shut. Tight. All I did was glare. Glare and wait to be shouted at. But I didn’t get shouted at. In fact, my mother started trying to calm me down! Oh the nerve!

“Shhhh. Shhh. I know, baby. I know.”

Baby? She called me BABY? HOW DARE she! I’m 19 yrs. old! I’m not a baby! I wanted to scream, but my voice was stuck. All I could manage to do was open my mouth and make a sort of squeaking noise. I was trembling with rage. I couldn’t believe my ears. What she said next didn’t help my feelings towards her at ALL!

“My mother did the same thing. I know exactly how you feel, angel.”

Oh my gosh! HOW DARE SHE? HOW DARE SHE ! No one EVER called me angel except my dad! That was my special pet-name that NO ONE used if they wanted to live to see the next day! NO one. My dad only calls me Angel when I’m scared or sick or something. I was going to explode. I needed to say something, but again all that came out was a small squeaking noise. What happened next surprised me as much as it surprised anyone else in the room.

April SCREAMED !! She never screams! She often squeals with excitement, but she hasn’t screamed since she was about two!

Then, I remembered. April can’t handle watching her family fight. She thinks she might loose some-one else.

You see, when April was a young girl, not older than eight, her friend was hit by a train (there were tracks near one of our houses (we traveled a lot because of dad.)) April’s friend, Emma, died almost instantly.

See, Emma was ‘running away’ because her parents were fighting. She got scared and ran for it. Emma was on her way to our house (where she allways comes when something happens to any one she knows) and she tripped over her shoe lace right onto the tracks. Her arm got stuck between two of the rails, and a train came. April went into a coma for a week directly after. (she had been waiting for Emma, like she always did when she said she was comming over, on the other side of the track.). April blamed herself for it (of course).

Well, anyway, after that, April just can’t stand it when people fight.

Suddenly, I horribly realized how much Emma had meant to April. She had always been there when April needed something. She always had the courage to tell April anything, even if she didn’t really believe it herself. That is why April never really liked trains any more. Or Alberta, Canada. * She was always pretending trains were too noisy, but if you knew April, or anyone in her family, you know the truth.

*(where we lived during this inscident)

ANYWAY. My ‘mother’ gaped, open-mouthed at April. I realized my mouth was hanging open, too, and I quickly shut it.

We both just stared at April. She had tears in her big green eyes. She looked so helpless that I suddenly found my vision was blury, and I started blinking, furiously, to keep the tears back. I couldn’t cry, I just couldn’t. Not in front of my mother, or my kid-sister. They would think I was a big baby.

April was silently crying. Tears were streaming down her face as if someone had put tiny full buckets of water at the base of April’s eyes, and they suddenly spilled over.

My face was hot and sticky with tears. I found that april and I weren’t the only ones crying. Hellen Peg Month was also bawling her eyes out. Oh, yeah. Mom was still with us when April’s friend died. (We moved away about a week afterwards (mom’s idea, of course!) because April screamed and started crying whenever she heard a train. She still does!) She knew, too.

Anyway, just then, dad came out from the back room (Finally! Took you long enough I thought.) carrying a bunch of really heavy boxes, (probably full of ingredients) and dropped them when he saw Her.

My face must have been reder than I thought, because one look at me (standing side-by-side with April, one arm over her shoulder) told him what was going on. His eyes welled up too.

Before I knew it, he had us both out side and had locked the door behind us. We could hear muffled shouts coming from inside.

Then, I heard it. A deafening ‘BOOM’ from the inside of the resteraunt.

Oh, no! Not Dad! Please, not dad!” I pleaded with myself.

“Too late. It’s too late. We should be in there. It should be us, not Dad!” It was April’s turn to plead. She was face-down in the ground, sobbing.

There was another deafening “BOOM’ and the door flew open.

I was horrified. Our father was laying, crumpled and lifeless, in a heap along with almost all of the contents of the resteraunt. He groaned and roled over. Dad’s eyes flickered and opened. He had a misty look in his eyes. I was scared. I hated watching people in pain. It was too painful for me.

By now, the only people left outside were my siblings. Everyone else had gone just after they all went outside (I hadn’t noticed this until now).

April’s stiffled cries had now subsided. She slowly lifted herself to her feet. Everyone followed Her lead she walked, slowly, in through the open door. We all did the same.

“This feels weird” I thought. It was sort of aqward. It was like playing ‘Follow the Leader’ to your doom, and knew it. “This is creepy,” I thought aloud.

Hellen was nowhere to be seen! We were all freaking out because of it. We didn’t want to end up like dad.

Speaking of dad, where was he? Suddenly there wasn’t anything on the floor in front of us! At least not a body!

Now, I was scared. When I looked back to the door way, his body was gone.


Really, though, I wrote this when I was eleven (in the sixth and seventh grades). I just found it tucked away in my bucket of memories and thought it was hysterically dramatic enough to share. I'm not sure how it was to end, but I did find a brainstorm web thing that says "soloution: blow up house with T.N.T. sticks in a barrell". Make of it what you will.


NOTE: I kept the original spelling and grammar intact for your viewing pleasure.

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