Thursday, June 10, 2010

I -Wish- My Teeth Were That White

This is what I just wrote for my Romeo and Juliet bio:

"Aubrey is excited to be making her Shakespearean debut with Utah Shakespeare in the Park. She's a junior in UVU's theatre program who loves Hanson and aspires to have a working cell phone.
Some of Aubrey's previous, less Bard-ish roles include Little Becky Two Shoes inUrinetown; Fantine and Mme. Thenardier in Les Mis; Alice, the miserable ghost in The Secret Garden; Mrs. Smythe in A Christmas Carol; a manic, borderline dissociative identity cast member in Holiday Night Live; and myriad nameless ensemble characters. She wants to thank her daddy for shelling out gas money and otherwise being incredibly supportive."

I don't know why writing about myself in bio format is so hard. I guess I just always feel the need to be clever, entertaining, or funny, which is difficult when I'm just rhyming off past credits. I feel okay about this one, though.

I feel okay about a lot of things. Shelli and I finally made up, Jess and I finally made up, I'm only eighteen pounds away from my goal weight, I'm finally making money, I just saw a super racist anti-littering PSA from the 60s, Kyle bought me Shout It Out, it's summer, etc. etc.


That's right, folks, I am now officially 1/5 of the way through the inaugural Noorda (star!) Summer Camp.


I really don't have much more to say about it, except this: it's fun, it's great, it's wonderful, it's my dream job, it makes me exhausted, and I think a month is just long enough.


Okay, there is one thing. You see, there are seventeen characters in the show I'm ASMing. Unfortunately, we only have 14 children in the cast, so Jeremy asked if I would step in and take on two roles, except that there was no asking involved, and I can't exactly say no because this is my job. It wouldn't be a big deal (it isn't actually a big deal) if I didn't have another show that I was trying to memorize

Other than that, though, I feel pretty okay about it. Also, I used this camp as an excuse to buy some delicious and nutritious snacks, about which I feel okay. :)

Summer is the best.

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