Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Measure My Wealth In Lessons Learned

It is only in his work that an artist can find reality and satisfaction, for the actual world is less intense than the world of his invention and consequently his life, without recourse of violent disorder, does not seem very substantial.  The right condition for him is that in which his work is not only convenient, but unavoidable. 
~Tennessee Williams 

It has been a doozy of a week, but as the dust settles I find myself in a pretty good position.  For one thing, I have been given the remarkable opportunity of living in that unavoidable state of artistry that Mr. Williams so perfectly described, and for another, I've discovered that while I might not always know where to find a subjective complement in a sentence, I'm pretty good at that editing thing.  

Above all, my faith has been tested, the weaker seams fortified; I am in good hands.

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