Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brunchfast Burritos

In a fit of impulsiveness, I signed up for Planet Fitness on my way home from school this Thursday.  I went in there just to tour the facilities and I came out as a member (which only set me back $13.67).  I've already been back twice.  It's been over a year since I left Alpine Fitness, and I had forgotten how good it feels to throw myself into a workout.  

I suppose this was a direct result of my lunch with a dear friend whom I haven't seen in eleven months.  We talked about change, about new places and healthier habits, and I decided this new place has been so good for me emotionally that I ought to give it a chance to be good for me physically, as well.  The two are pretty intricately related, after all, and now that I have the emotional stuff kind of under control I am free to let myself take care of my corporeal needs.  

This morning's breakfast (one in the afternoon is still breakfast if it's the first meal of the day) was burritos- scrambled eggs, red and green bell peppers, fresh salsa, and couscous wrapped in a fresh tortilla.

My pantry is stocked with healthy snacks, and there's a giant bag of carrot sticks in the fridge that's calling my name.  

I dunno, this year just feels different.  Good different.  Way better different. 

I'm optimistic. 

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