Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday

What a good day. I woke up around 8 (that's really early, even thought I went to bed before midnight last night- I was exhausted), started the first day of the Summer Sit Up Challenge (Randilee and I are starting at 30 sit ups every morning. As soon as we can, we'll increase to 35, then 40, on up until school starts in August), at some breakfast (Cap'n Crunch), then went to Niccole's to work on the cake and play with the babies (parentheses party! I couldn't let this sentence be left out).Kelsey has quite the little attitude. Niccole had her all dressed and ready to go shopping for supplies by the time i arrived around 9:30, but she still needed to get her shoes on. We made a big production of looking for her princess sandals so she would be excited to wear them, but after all of that work she decided she'd rather wear her boots. They're pink faux suede uggs that zip up on the inside. They do not go with pink plaid shorts and a shiny Hello Kitty t-shirt, not to mention it's June and nobody needs to wear boots anymore. Niccole was exasperated. I thought it was adorable. If I were more prone to doodling, I would draw her with braided pigtails, that rainbow shiny shirt, those tiny shorts, and the huge pink boots. So cute!

While Niccole and I we
re decorating the cake, Kelsey was stacking the dye bottles on top of each other.

"I'm making a sand castle!"

Then she would knock them over and go "rescue" the ones that had fallen to the floor. She kept yelling at me.


"Yes, Kelsey?"

"Is this blue?"

"No, that's green."

"You're right! It's green!"

"Yup. That's green."

A moment of quiet babble.


And that's how it went for 40 minutes.

Before I left, I helped clean up a bit (that was the payment for the cake). Also, I cuddled with Kelsey until she fell asleep. I love holding sleeping babies. There is something exquisitely bitter-sweet about it.

I brought Randilee down here so she and BJ could see the show again. They went to Shoots and brought me some left overs.


After the show.

It was time for the cast birthday party.

It was so much FUN! First we opened the pinata in a rather imaginative way; since the Sacketts don't have a place to string up something to whack, we placed the pinata in the middle of the floor next to the bat and a pair of fuzzy gloves. We rolled dice for doubles. When doubles were achieved (?), the roller donned the fuzzy gloves and took one good whack at the pinata. Once everyone got the hang of it, it was a roaring good time.
Next, we did the white elephant gift exchange, Warner Style. We used a shortened, modified version of The Cat in the Hat, which David and Cameron read. Again, once everyone got the hand of the take each others' presents thing and the time wore down, it was a blast.

We quickly sang at the birthday cake, sans candles, so everyone who had to leave early could do so without feeling guilty about cutting into the cake. Then we had Sackett ice cream. I think I've been sworn to secrecy? I'm not sure, but it was hysterically funny. Word of advice: Do NOT get between Eric and his ice cream.

And then things kind of wound down. Most people had to leave. Those who stayed played Pounce. Me knees took a beating. It was just me, Scott, Shelly, Melissa, and Randilee by the time we decided to play Wario Ware Smooth Moves. That is my favorite party game of all time.

And then it was really late, so we all went home.

Mark this day- let it be known that on June 3rd, 2011, Aubrey Warner threw her first ever successful party.


What a good day.


Recorded 6/3/11

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