Friday, May 20, 2011

Notes from the Lieberry

I'm making a pinata! I took some pictures of it, but I don't have a card reader with me (the internet is broken at my house AGAIN and I've taken refuge in the Orem City Library), so you'll have to wait to see the finished product. I know! The suspense is almost more than you can bear!

But what this really means is that I've taken up papier mache. Watch out, my bedroom. You're about the be utterly swamped by useless paper things that I make over the next couple weeks. And watch out, you few but loyal readers, for the bazillions of pictures of things that I am soon to create.

One more thing: I'm in love with most things Kate Nash.

One more one more thing: If you haven't seen Seussical yet, you should get yerself some tickets soon! We're reportedly already 83% sold out, which means that this is not a show to miss, but your chances of missing it are increasing at an alarming rate.

Have a wonderful rainy afternoon, everyone.



  1. Kate Nash! I pretty much want to have her babies :)

  2. I once got my hair cut to look like Kate Nash's hair. When it was longer.

    It didn't look much like her hair in the end, but I sure do love her music.