Friday, February 25, 2011

Grammy Pants at AllCapsO'Clock

I had a really long day today.

I left for school some time around 8:15 AM and I got home not twenty minutes ago (roughly 10:15 PM). So I was a little overwhelmed by the mess in my room. I wanted to pass out, but I would have had to wade through a pile of laundry and some suitcases and books and art supplies and things and I would much rather avoid the stress and chill on the computer until I can't sit up anymore, at which point I will stumble blindly into my room and fall into bed without changing my clothes.

It's not like I haven't cleaned my room in a really long time. Actually, I dejunked it earlier this week. The only reason I can't keep my room clean is my never ending stream of laundry. While I'm cleaning my room I invariably do at least one load of laundry, which never finishes in the dryer until I'm done with everything else. But by then I'm burnt out or otherwise engaged and can't be bothered with it, so it ends up in a pile on my bed, and eventually (invariably) in a pile on the floor.

All this is to say I never ate dinner, and now it's too late to eat anything because I want to go to bed very soon, and I don't believe in sleeping on a full stomach. And it's almost AllCapsO'Clock, the point at which I can only converse IN ALL CAPS because everything I have to say seems very important. Hey- count yourself lucky that THIS WHOLE POST WASN'T CAPITALIZED.

So I'm going to deny a couple of Facebook friend requests in an attempt to quash my needless anxiety,
excavate a path to my bed, and fall asleep to Treasure Planet for the second night in a row.

In case you were wondering about the cleanliness of my room and whether I freak out when somebody I don't know or like wants to be my friend on the Facebook.

Case closed.

Happy birthday, Munch! I'm glad you've been alive for one whole year. Here's to many more!

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