Friday, October 1, 2010

An Inexplicable Controversy Hopefully Resolved

For some reason, people don't understand my fascination (okay, obsession) with Hanson. This is what I wrote in Miss Fix It after the concert last night. Hopefully it will provide some illumination:




This suddenly sounds like a teenager's diary, but seriously, Hanson is INCREDIBLE live. It is actually ridiculous how much I am a screaming fan girl. When Zac walked out the first time, I fell off of my chair and cried a little. And then I hyperventilated for about ten minutes. Emilee spent most of the night laughing at me. But she also convinced me to buy a shirt, and though it cost more than the ticket to the concert, it was worth every penny. I am going to wear it to school tomorrow, and possible every day for the rest of my life. I just might be buried in it.

Somehow I love Hanson more now that I ever have before; that concert solidified their place at the top of my "favorite artists" list for eternity.

I'll make this quick since I'm falling asleep.

Let's talk about why I love Hanson so much that I cried a little when its members became real people to me-- music is this magical, transcendent phenomenon that has the power to create a soul-to-soul connection on an intangible plane. Hanson's music not only touches my soul, it fills it, stretches it past capacity, and even creates more music within me. Hanson inspires me to the core of my being, and there is nothing quite so beautiful.

I felt it slide back into place during one of the first songs. I still don't know what it is, but it's back where it belongs. Tonight, I firmly believe, was a much-needed gift from heaven-- beauty and excitement and inspiration. It was a new experience to go along with my new hair, new place, new attitude towards life. This concert meant so much more than a great night out. It was the final piece in my growing up puzzle. It was the first step on the road I've always wanted to take but could never find.

Now let the healing begin.


Recorded 9/30/10

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