Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mostly Awake

I worked out for the second time today. My arms are really sore and I imagine by morning I'll wish they'd fall off, but I guess it felt good.

I was tired a while ago, and I should have gone to bed then. I was just about to drift off when I was reminded of my nasty, jiggly stomach, at which I discovered that I'm a tad frustrated. I've been at this for two whole days now, and I STILL have nothing to show for it. I know that it's silly, and I recognize that it'll take a lot of time and a lot of work to get my body in shape. I can't get too worked up about it.

Likewise, I can't be frustrated if I find, in that moment of semi-consciousness, that my mind is out of whack or that I can't control my feelings. Healing takes time and effort and I can't expect to be better after a couple of sob sessions and a brief diagnosis appointment.

I hope to have something to show in both departments by the end of the summer- not perfection, just a measurable improvement.


Recorded 5/2/10

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