Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Blur of a Week

Yesterday and today are essentially the same thing in my mind. I woke up yesterday to discover a solution had taken up residence in my mind. It was the format for a story with whom (with which?) I have been arguing for the past few years. I struck up an old friendship with my thesaurus (things always seem to pick up right where we left off) and wrote feverishly into the afternoon. Then life exploded and a million and one things happened at once. Wednesday fizzled into Thursday. Here I am with an almost finished story, a solution in full effect, and here to take that problem's place is a world crammed, filled to bursting with conundrums that multiply like rabbits.

I ate some lunch when I got home from Ashley's apartment. After that, I got some Taco Man, then I had Wendy's. I'm not trying to solve my problems with food, but everything seems brighter and more focused with a relatively full stomach.

Here's the deal, folks: today kinda sucked. But I cried it out and I'm ready to move on. I want to find the good in every situation, even if it can only be measured in the seconds I'm alive, still feeling the sorrow or the anger or the frustration, still learning to deal with life, still looking forward to a better time.

Shelli helped me get 5 whole chapters of TYA homework done.

Hayley is beautiful, and she did wonderfully in her play.

Ashley loves me, even when I have terrible morning breath and a car that smells like homeless.

Randilee said she loves me for no reason.

I have been inspired to finish a project, to mean what I write and to write what I feel.

Tomorrow, though the pesky snow clouds may obscure its light from view, the ever faithful sun will take its place in the sky. I'm perched on the verge of a new day, and I like where this is going.

Recorded 4/29/10

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